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Khawvel Football squads man to zual top 10

Pep Guardiola enkawl Manchester City chu Football history a squad €1 billion tling thei hmasa ber an ni. Manchester United pawh khawvel squads man to zual pali naah an awm phak ve a ni.

Mahse, sum hian hlawhtlinna a lei thei kher lo tia sawi pawl pawh an awm ve a ni. A hnuaiah hian Khawvel football squads man to zual top 10 te kan rawn tarlang leh e.

10) Arsenal – €498 million

9) Atletico Madrid – €550 million

8) Chelsea – €561 million

7) Liverpool – €639 million

6) FC Barcelona – €697 million

5) Juventus – €719 million

4) Manchester United – €751 million

3) Real Madrid – €902 million

2) Paris Saint-Germain – €913 million

1) Manchester City – €1.01 billion