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‘League nomawi kan la chawi thei’- Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos chuan Laliga nomawi chawi turin Real Madrid pawn hun tha an la neih thu a sawichhuak.

Nizan khan Madrid derby a chungnung zawk chu Real Madrid anni. He match ah hian mikhual lam Real Madrid chuan 1-3 in hneh na an chang. Casemiro, Bale leh Ramos te’n Real Madrid tan goal khat theuh khung in Griezmann an Atletico lam tan goal khat a khung ve bawk a ni.

Ti hian Real Madrid chuan Laliga game 23 an khelh tawh atangin points 45 an hmu tawh a ni. An chung chiah ah Barcelona chuan game 22 an khelh tawh atangin points 50 an hmu tawh thung.

Naktuk hian Barcelona chuan Athletic club an hmachhawn ang.

”Laliga nomawi chawi thei turin hun tha kan la nei a chhan chu points tam tak hlawhchhuah tur kan la neih avangin.Kan thil tum leh duh dan ang in thil a kal mek zel a, table a kan position pawh a danglam chak tawh hle bawk. Ka ngaihdan chuan kan che tha tak zet a, kan tan pawh Laliga nomawi chawi theihna hun tha a in hawng reng a ni” tiin Spanish defender Sergio Ramos an a sawichhuak.

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