Romelu Lukaku pawh Messi fan a lo ni reng a! VIDEO

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku nu hi Lionel Messi fan ruh niin Daily Mail chuan a tarlang.

Romelu Lukaku's mum could not contain her excitement after meeting Lionel Messi

Manchester United leh Barcelona khelh lai pawh khan Lukaku nu hian Lionel Messi a tan hle niin an tarlang.

They shared a warm embrace after posing for a picture after Wednesday night's game

Video lama a lan dan chuan Old Traford-ah Lionel Messi a tan hle niin a lang, an khelh zawhah khan a va kuah a, Messi, Messi, Messi tiin a ko nghe nghe. A hnuaiah hian Video en tur ka dah e:

Adolphine Lukaku was at Old Trafford to watch her son play Barcelona in Champions League

It was a rare off night for Messi who was left with a red eye after a collision with Chris Smalling